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23 May 2011

Fire Station Field Trip

We went on a family field trip to our local fire station.  Our friend John is a city firefighter and offered to give the boys a tour.  I'm pretty sure this was their favorite field trip, or at least a tie with Carniege Science Center.
They were shown the bunk rooms, the kitchen, and the "theater room", which looked like Ronnie's apartment when we were first married.  Nothing but recliners and a giant TV.  The only difference is, Ronnie had a few less recliners and one giant gun safe!
The boys tried on gear.....

They learned that firefighters are signaled by (loud) tones when help is needed. 

They asked questions about every single piece of equiptment they saw.

Wondering what that big hose is?  That hooks up to the firetrucks exhaust when they're being worked on to take the fumes out of the building.  They attached to big rolls in the ceiling with a wire to pull down for use.  And in case your curious, I now know for a fact they can raise a 40 pound boy in the air also. 

We loved this trip.  It was a great tie in with our fire safety unit. 

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