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Tempt Your Tummy

I grew up with a Nan and a Momma who loved to cook and loved to entertain.  I guess you could say I got my love of feeding others honest. 

Here's some of my favorite recipes.  Enjoy!


RJ's Chick dip
Angel Wings
Granola in the slow cooker
Easy Peasy Bruschetta

Main Dishes                                                                    

Baked subs
Easy Taco Salad
Honey grilled chicken
Chicken stuffed shell
Moist baked chicken
Awesome chili
Best meatloaf ever
Baked hot sub
Easy taco salad
BBQ chicken and potatoes
Crock pot tilapia
Easy slow cooker chicken
Chicken Ranch Tacos
Creamy Chicken Enchiladas
Kielbasa and Potatoes
Creamy Chicken Enchiladas
BBQ ham sandwiches
Uncle Jay's Dish
Squash & Rice
Crock pot lasagna
My favorite meatballs and sauce
The big sandwich
Quick potato dinner
Baked Ham
Sweet suprise sauce for chicken or pork
Squirrel gravy and biscuits

Green beans with carmelized onions
Stuffed potatoes
Chicken nugget sauce
Nan's spinach casserole
Easy potato soup


Angry Bird Cupcakes                                               
Milkshakes in a bag
Chocolate cherry cake
Pudding chocolate chip cookies
Ice cream cake
Peanut butter pie
Slow cooker rice crispy treats
Candy Birthday cake
Sylvia's Peanut Butter Cake

English Muffins
Bread machine bagels
Lick the pan cornbread

Peach Salsa                                                                  
Pepper Jelly