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12 September 2012

Josiah's favorite birthday cake.

When Josiah was turning three, all he wanted for his birthday was candy.  Just candy.

I was actually making cakes at the time and everyone who saw this cake loved it.  I had several orders for this cake.....which is really funny once I let you in on how incredibly simple it is to make.
Here's what you need:
1 box chocolate cake mix
1 can of chocolate frosting
1 big bag of M&M's (not single serving size)
10-12 Kit Kats
Ribbon of your choice.
1.  Make the cake according to the directions.  Josiah's cake above is a two layer cake.  The one I made for church Sunday is a single layer.  It works either way.
2.  When baked, turn out onto your board/plate and let cool. 
3.  When cool, apply a thin layer of icing all over cake.
4.  Break Kit Kat's into two's and apply to the outside of the cake.  You may have to break the last one into a single to fit it in depending on the size of your cake.
5.  Tie a ribbon around the outside of the Kit Kats.  It helps hold them in place. 
6.  Top the cake with M&M's. 
The cake below is a single layer.  I cut the Kit Kat's in half and made a single layer instead of a double.  I like the double a little better, but I realized at 8pm I didn't have enough Kit Kat's and I was not going back to the store.  
Now go make this cake for the chocolate lover in your life. 


Lori said...

This gives me an idea for my dad for his birthday! Thanks, this looks incredibly easy.

Rachel E. said...

That would nauseate me...but, I am glad to hear he loved his cake.

Charli said...

It's incredibly rich. A little bit goes a long, long way. Me, I'd rather have carrot cake!