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24 September 2012

Menu Plan Monday for September 24th.

Hi there. 

Sorry for the week long sabatical.  I decided the week could only be made better by picking up a little pneumonia.  Needless to say, it was a long week.  I'm finally feeling better - thanks to a trip to the doctor and my husband and mother in law pitching in to help. 

This week, I'm slowly getting back in the swing of things - starting right now with Menu plan Monday.

Here's the plan:

Monday:  Sweet suprise Iowa chops, green beans & applesauce
Tuesday:  Soup beans & corn bread
Wednesday:  Stir fry & rice
Thursday:  Steak, baked potato & sauteed zucchinni
Friday:  Pizza night
Saturday:  Pancakes & eggs.
Sunday:  Crock pot roast chicken, sweet potatoes and corn.

I'm off to catch up on laundry.....and clean out the dreaded refridgerator.

Don't forget to check out orgjunkie.com for more menu plan ideas.

1 comment:

Rachel E. said...

You are ever faithful to your menu plan Monday. Sounds good as usual.