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07 June 2011

Slow Cooker Rice Krispy Treats

What?  Did you say Rice Krispy treats in a slow cooker?  Why yes, yes I did. 
I've wanted to try this recipe for almost a year now when I first read about it here.

Here you go:

Ingredients:  Cocoa Krispies, marshmallows, margarine

Grease inside of crock with margarine.

Layer in one bag of marshmallows.

Top with 6 cups of cereal.

Cook on high for 1 hour & stir.

Press into pan and cool.  Cut into squares.
 Super easy.  And, surprisingly enough, the crock was not really sticky afterwards.  I put it in the sink to soak and then in the dishwasher.

Next time I'll let Josh or John make this on their own.  John likes to cook.  I've asked him before if he wants to be a chef.  He said no, he wants to be a fry cook when he grows up - like Spongebob.  Dream big, little man.

I love my Crock Pot.

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