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08 June 2011

The Exciting Wright Brothers Memorial

Today, I thought I would share the overwhelming excitement of the Wright Brothers Memorial.  Let's face it, without their achievements, were would we be?
While I gave a brief review of what we learned this year about these amazing gentlemen, the kids excitement could barely be contained.....

We continued outside to the site of the actual first flight - they were breathless with anticipation....

They walked the entire 852 ft. length of that historic flight without a single complaint - too hot, tired legs, are we done yet - none of this was heard.  They were immersed in history.

The first flyer, fellow West Virginian Chuck Yeager....

All this leading up to the shining moment....becoming official Junior Park Rangers!

Thankfully we found a brochure rack that seemed to help us calm down from all the first flight excitement....

The pure joy of learning is so overwhelming on their faces, I'm going to have a hard time picking which photo to add to our portfolio.


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