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12 August 2015

Easy Peasy Bruschetta

We love bruschetta. 

It's one of the few appetizers that we always order when we go out to eat. 

So when I'm faced with a whole peck of leftover tomatoes that I just can't stand the thought of canning or else I will lose it and probably start running through the field like a crazy lady making everyone in the neighborhood uncomfortable - I make bruschetta. 

It's really a public service. 

You know that my recipes are all about getting good food on the table.  And getting it there fast. 
And good and fast my friends, is how you make easy peasy bruschetta.

 Start with some chopped tomatoes and an Italian type dressing.  Mix them together and toss them in the fridge to marinate.  (Enjoy my fancy Country Crock tub).

Then, grab a nice loaf of French or Italian bread from the mark down rack. 
Or pay full price if you're a Rockefeller.  Your choice.

Slice that baby in half and slather on the butter. 

No, I said slather.  Like lots. 
It's OK.  You're eating tomatoes so it's still healthy.

Now go ahead and broil the bread.  Mine usually takes about three minutes but...
you know that broilers are the devil and will try to ruin your meal whenever possible.
So watch it closely.
Add some fresh mozzarella that you've cubed to your tomatoes in the fridge. 
Toss it over top of your beautifully broiled bread. 
Voila!  Easy Peasy bruschetta! 

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