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20 August 2015

How to be the Best Uncle Ever. (Hillbilly Slip and Slide)

My brother-in-law first pulled off this genius idea over ten years ago.  Now it's not a party without a hillbilly slip and slide.

If you're looking for quick and (relatively) cheap fun that will keep the kiddos busy for hours - yes, hours - this is it.

All you need is a nice hill, some heavy duty plastic sheeting rolls from the hardware store and a hose.  And maybe some dish soap to help you go a little faster.

Just clear your area of any sticks or hard objects, roll out the plastic and go.  We like to put a couple squirts of Dawn down it before the first slide to get things moving. 

Now the nurse in me has to tell you that slip & slides are the most common Summer injury in the ER, so be careful.

The kids may be back in school, but there's still loads of time to have fun. 

Try it at your next party. 

And maybe you too can be as cool as Uncle David. 


Mandee Pogue said...

Oh my word! We do this ALL the time! In fact, any time the nieces or nephews come over in the summer that is the first thing they ask for! We set up a 200 foot on for the 4th of July every year!

Charli said...

I know! It's so simple and soo fun!