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10 August 2015

Menu Plan Monday for August 10th

It's canning season and I. Am. Tired!

This is a bit of what I did this weekend:

I still have some peaches to finish up today or Wednesday. 
Our Summer has been busy with camps and day trips and just life.  It seems like it's just flown by yet again. 

Ronnie went to the auction without me on Friday since we had a sick kiddo.  I was a little worried since his motto tends to be "Go big or go home" but he actually did great.  I had horrific visions of him picking up another 100 dozen ears of corn (never again). 

I spent Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday morning canning peas, potatoes and tomatoes.  I had one peck of tomatoes left and was - frankly - tired, so I made the executive decision that we could eat the last peck.  Ronnie said there's no way and that it will go to waste.  Not gonna happen. 

Here's this week's plan:

Monday:  Squash & tomato casserole, applesauce.
Tuesday:  Burgers on the grill, loaded baked potato salad and green beans.
Wednesday:  Honey grilled chicken with bruschetta tomatoes, grilled peaches
Thursday:  Pancake night
Friday:  Steak, carrots and sautéed zucchini
Saturday:  Dinner at the neighbors
Sunday:  Leftovers

So, what's good at your place?

1 comment:

Mandee Pogue said...

I can't wait to start gardening next year! Your canning pictures make me so jealous! Sounds like dinner at your place is going to be yummy this week! I may just have to come over!

Our Menu is as follows:
Monday: Kung Pow Chicken
Tuesday: Ruben Wraps
Wednesday: Chili Lime pork Tacos with Grilled Pineapple Pico
Thursday: Cob Salad
Friday: Beer Can Chicken
Saturday: Smoked Brisket
Sunday: Dinner at Bob Evans with my mother in law.