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03 July 2014

Uncle J's Dish.

Last month, I taught a class on menu planning at our women's conference.  The best thing about it for me was all the great new recipes I got from the ladies in the class.

This, however, this recipe is hands down my favorite.

It comes from my friend Toni and her brother in law, Uncle J.  It has everything I love in a recipe - it's quick, it's cheap and it tastes fantastic.

Here you go:

2-3 cooked, cubed chicken breast (I used leftover chicken from a roasted chicken)
1 can of corn
1 can of black beans (I used beans from the freezer that I had cooked before)
1 jar of salsa
cheese to your taste (I used about a cup of shredded Colby jack)

Combine it all in a 9x13 pan and bake at 350 for 30 minutes.

You can eat it wrapped in a tortilla with some sour cream or with chips as a dip.  I've also used it as a quesadilla filling with some avocado thrown in.  Next time I make it, I'm putting it as filling in enchiladas.  Yum!

This comes together quickly and is very forgiving.  I've upped both the chicken and the beans and it always tastes great. 

I'm almost embarrassed to tell you that I've made it three times in the past month.  It's that good.

Seriously, you need to make this. 

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