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01 July 2014

A chore system that is (finally) working. Finally.

Ok friends.  Settle in.  I've come up with a chore system based on a few different that I've seen on Pinterest and from my friend Kathleen.  It seems a bit overwhelming at first, but it really isn't. 

Each day, the boys have four items that have to be checked off. 
  1. AM Chores
  2. Practice
  3. Zones
  4. Reading
Here's the break down:

AM Chores:
Brush teeth   
Make bed   
Clothes to laundry
Put away own laundry basket  
Dishes to sink after each meal


Practice math cards three times daily
Practice Bible verse three times daily
Practice Bible quiz cards three times daily


Living Room:
Pick up toys/clothes/dishes etc., clean under TV stand and computer desk, vacuum daily, mop on Monday - including couch and under couch, dust on Monday, clean TV screen, put Kindles and iPods on charge, spray couch with EO spray on Monday and Thursday, feed pets daily - dog and chicken.

Clean floor daily, clean toilet daily, wipe sink daily, put away towels, clean mirror daily, clean tub on Monday, mop hallway and stairs on Monday, dust hallway on Monday, wipe off light switch and walls on Monday.

Unload dishwasher daily - dishes and silverware, wipe off fridge on Monday, gather trash and take to porch daily and replace trash bag, wipe off table daily, wipe off chairs on Monday, mop floors on Monday, vacuum on Monday.

Bedroom & Playroom:
Pick up toys daily, pick up clothes daily, change sheets on Monday, vacuum on Monday - both bedroom and playroom and couch. Dust and clean TV screen on Monday, spray couch with EO spray on Monday, wipe down walls and light switches and stair wall on Monday.

Read quietly each day for 20 minutes. May also listen to audiobook.

All squares must be checked and signed by Mom or Dad nightly.

If all squares are checked, you will be paid $1 for each year of your age.

If one square is missed, you will be paid half the amount.

If two squares are missed, you will receive no pay that week. One square may be made up by reciting a memory verse or poem. Anything over two squares unchecked will result in no pay despite number of verses memorized.

We will use the 10-20-70 system for money. 10% for tithe, 20% for savings, and 70% to spend.

20% Savings is to be used only for Mom and Dad approved expenditures such as long term goals like a four wheeler, gun, car or educational purposes.

Payday will be every Saturday. At the same time, new Zones will be chosen for the following week.

All money will remain in the lock box until asked for to keep from losing money.

You will be responsible for all of your toys, non educational online subscriptions, and personal expenditures. You will be responsible for 50% of your clothing purchases with the exception of church clothes, socks, pj’s and underwear. (For example, if you want a new under armour sweat shirt or TMNT shirt, you have to save up half).  I know this sounds a little intense, but just to be clear - this is for things that we don't really feel they need.  Of course, we still buy their clothes.  This is for the extra things that kids want - like yet another Star Wars shirt because the 72 they already have aren't as cool as the one they want.  That kind of thing.

Anything above and beyond what we normally get when we go out can be paid for with your money. (Example: if you want candy or the box deal at the movies, you can use your money. If you want to just eat our normal popcorn, we will cover it).

Additional jobs are available for additional money as long as your original chores are done.

They are as follows:

Pick up yard - $1
Clean out van - $1
Clean out truck - $1
Bath Izzy - $1
Clean extra zone for the week - $2

To help them remember, I made up notecards with what needs to be done in each zone.  They can take the cards with them to remind them what needs done for the room to be considered clean.  We keep a copy of the above information in the planner that's on the fridge as well as their check off sheets for the week. 

So far, so good.

Josiah ended up saying a verse to us this week because he had a hissy fit on Friday and wouldn't clean his zone. 

I admit.  It's been a pain to implement, but now that it's working, I am loving it.  Not only is the house staying cleaner, I've already noticed little things.  Like the boys picking up after themselves or reminding each other to take their cups back to the sink because who ever is assigned that room doesn't want to have to pick up after them.  (Who would have thought it was irritating to constantly pick up after someone else?) 

It's also rewarding to see how their spending money is changing.  Suddenly, when it's your money being spent, you don't absolutely have to have a new and improved whatever. 

Now that we have the hang of it, it's been pretty great.  And it turns out, even with paying them $1 for each year of age, I'm not spending extra money because I'm not being constantly bombarded at the store or movies to get this or that. 

This system is totally a win-win for us!


Maria said...

Glad you found a chore plan that's working for you!! And the clothing makes perfect sense! Danielle is into Justice brand, and I told her that, of course I'd buy her clothes as she needs them, but if she wants something specific, she needs to save her money. And, I will never buy clothes in store at Justice (unless severely marked down!!), only yard sales or Gabe's! We also implemented that the the extra chores will not receive pay if they didn't do their regular chores to our standard, this has really woken Troy up to his quality of what is 'clean'. :)

Kathleen Guire said...

Thanks for posting it! Glad it iw working!