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04 July 2014

Friday Funnies

While I've been MIA on the blog over the past six months, I do still share the craziness that is our family on my Facebook page.  Here's some of the things that have been said or done over the past few months that makes me laugh:

Josiah, after being told that he's not old enough to go to basketball camp:

"I'm not old enough for kids camp! I'm not old enough for basketball camp! This is the summer of disappointment!"

I've been an RN now for 23 years. I tell you this, because just a little bit ago, I was changing a catheter and the end of the bag flipped and hit me in the face. Obviously I finished up what I was doing and washed my face. Truth be told - this isn't the weird part of this story.

The weird part is that on my drive home, all the way from Farmington to Manley Chapel, I had an internal debate (listing pros and cons) about which body fluid would I consider the least offensive to get hit in the face with.

FYI - I chose urine because it's the cleanest.

I think I've been doing this too long.

Last night, the boys were playing in the living room and Ronnie & I were on the couch channel surfing when I passed PBS and Lawrence Welk was on - some slow song with people dressed in Hawaiian print. I stopped and waited until the boys noticed and asked me "What is that?". I told them it was the new Teen Beach Movie. They all stopped playing, turned to the TV and watched for a couple of minutes. Then Josh turns to me and says "That is the worst Disney movie ever. Seriously. Ever".
Sometimes it's just too much fun to mess with your kids.

If cleanliness is next to Godliness, my van may be the highway to hell.

Josiah to me on our way to VBS:
"You know, you wear that ponytail a lot."
"Yes, I know. My hair makes me hot in the Summer."
"Someone should probably tell you it's not that attractive."

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Anonymous said...

I'm laughing out loud at what your son said about your hair…….