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09 July 2014

Why I Love Amazon Prime.

I really do you know.  I love our Amazon Prime.  Even though they've raised the price to $99 per year, I still think it's the best. 

Why?  Well, I get two day shipping on lots of things that I need.  OK, I'll admit, that's shouldn't really be a big deal for me.  I mean, it probably wouldn't kill me to have to wait a week for most things, but it's nice (really nice) for things to show up on my porch two days later.  What can I say?  I love almost instant gratification. 

And then there's my free streaming with Prime video.   Amazon is getting so many great shows to stream for free, I think I'm going to cancel Netflix.  We regularly watch movies and TV shows - especially Gilligan's Island.  What can I say?  It's just a great show.  We also use Amazon for movie rentals.  It's cheaper in the long run than using (and forgetting) to return movies to Redbox.  Most rentals run from $2-$3 and you can watch as many times as you want in a 48 hour time period. 

Did I mention that I get to check out a book a month for free for my Kindle?  Yep.  That happens.  I can check out one Prime selection a month for free.  I've had lots of choices for both the boys and I.  You just pick it, read it and return it before the end of the month and you're ready for a new book on the 1st of the next month.

And finally, the newest addition, Prime music.  This I'm still discovering but what I've discovered so far, I like.  Lots of choices to listen to for free.  Newer choices as well as classics.  My favorite right now is that the Seeds Family Worship that I use to help with our memory verses. 

So basically, for $8.25 a month, I'm pretty pleased with what I get from my Amazon Prime. 

1 comment:

Maria said...

Hmmm, i contemplate getting Prime again (I secretly know I will buy more stuff bc of the instant gratification), but it could save walmart trips..lol! The music is enticing, and I'm intrigued to see their show lists too. We have Netflix, used to have Prime, but at the time we weren't impressed with Prime's show streaming list. Sounds like it's improved!