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06 March 2013

Quick potato dinner.

I feel like today's recipe is kind of state the obvious, but I'm sharing it anyway because it's delicious.

This is one of the ways I use leftover baked potatoes and chicken.  Why do I have leftover baked potatoes?  Because if I'm heating up the oven, I'm filling it up!  I'll bake 10-12 potatoes at a time when I have baked potatoes for dinner, then I can use them for lunch and not have to take much time away from school.

Here's what you'll need:

Baked potatoes (I used 6)
Leftover chicken (I used 4 BBQ chicken legs and removed the meat)
A handful of cheese - I had cheddar on hand
Green onions
Salt & Pepper to taste

Add 1/2 stick of butter and potatoes to skillet and cook until starting to brown. 
Salt & Pepper to taste.   We like a little salt and a lot of pepper.

Throw leftover chicken in pan and continue to cook until potatoes brown.
Throw on a handful of cheese and turn off the heat.

Cover with a lid (or in my case, a cookie sheet), until cheese is melted.
Add green onions. 
Look at that cheesy love!
Serve with a dollop of sour cream.
It's a delicious way to enjoy leftovers - even if it isn't pretty!


Tracey said...

And add bacon...everything is better with bacon.

Charli said...

Please. Like anyone ever has leftover bacon!

Barb said...

As much food as you take pictures of, you should be a food photographer. Looks pretty.

Marsha said...

That's a great way to use up baked potatoes! Sausage or ham would be great meat options, too. Thanks for the inspiration.

Selena said...


And what a great idea to bake a bunch of extra potatoes. That's such a simple thing, but I honestly never thought of it. I love twice baked potatoes, and this is like deconstructed ones. Thanks for the idea Charli!