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29 August 2014

Candy? Cake? Candycake!

Our annual cake auction is this Sunday at church and I always make Josiah's favorite birthday cake.

 But this year, I wanted to try something a little different.  Also, I may not have been in the mood to bake.  So I made a candy cake.
I grabbed seven boxes of the boxed movie theater candy from Walmart, a box of Airheads and a bag of Halloween candy. 

I stood the boxes on end in a circle and taped them together with clear packing tape.  I also added a couple of small pieces of tape underneath the boxes and between the cake board to keep it from shifting.

Then lay out your Airheads and tape them along the back.  Add an additional piece of tape to the bottom facing out so that it will stick to the inside of the candy box circle.

Now you have a candy circle with a big hole in the middle. 

Fill the hole with your remaining Airheads and top with the little candy bars.  To be honest, it was a huge hole so I also put the empty Airheads box in, then stuffed the sides and top with all the candy.  I didn't want to go back to the store.
Add a ribbon and that's it.


1 comment:

Maria said...

What a neat idea!!! Definitely a new spin on cake, and everyone can snack on their favorites! Troy once got a Movie Box for his birthday, with a little Redbox money and a whole lot of movie candy in it. He loved it!! (and devoured it!)