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04 May 2011

Look what I found...

I'm going to let you in on a secret. I love yard sales. Flea markets. Thrift stores. I love to just pop in and have a look around at all that junk. Today I stopped by the Penny Pincher in Fairmont. I was on a mission for a "new" VCR - that's right, my house is full of cutting edge technology. Seriously, I have a lot of great VHS tapes that I like to use for homeschooling and thrift stores are the place to go for VCR's. While perusing the oddities such as vintage 1980's living rooms, used underwear (really?) and a complete bathroom vanity - including faucet - I found the above treasures to add to our schoolroom. Here's the breakdown:


1 Winnie the Pooh Word Builder Game

1 Short Vowels Game

3 VHS tapes - Rescue Heroes, Adventures in Odyssey & Joseph

1 USA flash card set

1 Leapfrog fridge magnets set

2 crayon boxes

2 pillowcases

3 puzzles - USA, garden & cars

7 issues of My Big Backyard

7 issues of Highlights

Total spent: $22.00

All in all, a pretty good haul. I'm most excited about the magazines, games & leapfrog set. Josh had the leapfrog magnets when he was little, but by the time Josiah came along, we lost most of the pieces. I really do enjoy thrift stores. It satisfies my yard sale fix until summer comes along.

While we're on the subject of thrifty living, have you been to the Bookmobile lately? Marion County library has a great little Bookmobile that drives around to the outlying areas. They have a new website where you can even request books and they will bring them on their rounds right to your community. And unlike the main library, you don't have to fight for parking downtown or try hustling 3 little people quickly across the street.

I have nothing but love for the Bookmobile.

You really should check them out.

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