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03 May 2011

We're doing what?

Sometime over the past couple years, Ronnie & I started getting Mother Earth News. Lots of neat info about baking your own bread, gardening tips, composting, solar thingys...you know, stuff like that. Somewhere in that time, we read about the plight of the honeybee. Poor honeybees. All the chemicals we use are killing them. I was actually already quite aware of this having watched "The Bee Movie" in like 2007 or 2008. (Unfortunatly, a large majority of my knowledge is from movies). I was more than happy to quit using so many chemicals and considered that move a job well done. Ronnie, however, had to stew on this bee dilema for a while. Periodically over the past year, I'd notice videos about bees on our browser or articles left up. Finally the time had come. He took his beekeepers class last fall and another class from our old Jr. High teacher Mr. Keyes a couple of weeks ago. The hives are assembled and his little space suit is hanging on the back of our bedroom door. We anxiously await our call to pick up the bees this week.

He assures me our garden will be "awesome" this year.

He assures me we really won't notice them.

He assures me the neighbors will not form a lynch mob.

I am assured that he loves me and does have our best interest at heart.

About the bees.....we'll see.

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