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11 July 2011

Menu Plan Monday for July 11

How is it the middle of July already?  I still have a lot left on my Summer to do list and only two full weeks to do it.  This week we have swim lessons in the morning and VBS at Walnut Grove in the evening for Josh & John.  Josiah is a little to young to go to either still, but seeing how all he wants to do lately is be attached to my side, I don't think he'll mind too much.  Hopefully, I can get a few things done each evening. 

As usual, I'm relying on my crock pot to help me with dinner this week.  I'm down one crock pot....my favorite one that had a divided crock and was programmable died this weekend.  I really felt like crying.  I used it all the time.  I'm sure it had thousands of hours of use on it.  

Here's what I'm making this week:

Monday:  Beans & rice, watermelon
Tuesday:  Creamy chicken tacos, refried beans, salad
Wednesday:  Shrimp, corn on the cob, zucchini
Thursday:  Kidtastic grilled chicken legs, cheesy broccoli, corn on the cob
Friday:  Pizza night
Saturday:  Leftovers
Sunday:  Cheeseburgers, grilled zucchini, corn on the cob, pineapple pretzel fluff & ice cream cake.

Sunday is Ronnie's birthday.  We're having family over for a picnic in the afternoon.  I got a great deal this week at Aldi's on hamburger buns...only $0.25 a pack!  I bought 10 packs, only because I felt like a boarder hoarder buying more.  I also picked up ice cream for $2 a half gallon at Shop & Save's 2 day sale.  It's perfect for ice cream cake. 

I'll be freezing a lot of zucchini this week and making zucchini bread.  It's very plentiful in my in laws garden and they are sharing the wealth with us.  If you don't have a good zucchini recipe, you should try the one above.  It's really great.

So, what's good at your place?


Rachel E. said...

I think I might try the zucchini recipe from above. I like vegetables and will eat most of them. My family isn't too keen on zucchini. Perhaps this will throw another vegetable into the mix.

From Cristin To Mommy said...

that pretel pinapple fluff looks so yummy and different!
i would love if you would come visit my blog and check out my Menu Plan
Enjoy your week
From Cristin To Mommy