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27 July 2011

Questions I've been asked this week.

Josh:  "What would you do if I were Optimus Prime?  Where would I live, in the house or the garage?"

Me:  "Can you be Bumblebee instead?  Then I wouldn't have to drive the swagger wagon."

John:  "Why do I have to wear underwear every day?"

Me:  "Well, what days were you not wanting to wear them?  "

Josiah:  "Can I have a cheetah?  a dinosaur?  an alligator?"

Me:  Umm, no.

It's not really the questions.  They always ask me unusual questions.

It's the sincerity that they ask with.

Like maybe there is a chance I would get them a cheetah.

Or let them stop wearing underwear.


Rachel E. said...

Funny! The questions kids ask can keep our days so entertaining.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and following.

Charli said...

Rachel, it was my pleasure. I like your blog.