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11 August 2011

This Weekend!

Jesusfest is this weekend in Clarksburg.  I have no idea how this snuck up on me so quickly. 

I was just checking out their website and found that not only my personal favs (because they're great guys) Brandon Wood and Last Years Model, will be there, but also....

Slug Bugs and Lullabies!  We have had this on my IPOD for about a year and love their music.  It's great.  It's funny.  It's one of the few kids CD's that doesn't make me want to poke out my eardrums with an ice pick. 

Todd Agnew is also performing.  Not that I don't think he's fantastic, we just listen to slug bugs weekly and I'm so excited for the boys to meet them. 

Jesusfest starts this Friday and continues through Sunday.  Here's the schedule for the weekend.  Admission is some canned food that will be distributed to local charities.

Now, what ever your plans are for this weekend, change them. 

And I'll see you at Jesusfest.

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