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26 September 2011

Menu Plan Monday for September 26th.

This past week has been a little challenging, to say the least.  Now that we're having more typical Fall weather, our house is unfortunately having quite a bit of asthma flare ups.
The boys have been alternating low grade fevers and barking coughs since last Tuesday.  We missed almost all of our activities.  Truthfully, if the boys hadn't been sick, it probably would have been nice to have a whole week of nowhere to go. 

Hopefully this week is better.  We have a lot of fun things planned - soccer games on Tuesday and Saturday, pictures and church on Wednesday, a field trip on Friday and I''m working on Tuesday and Thursday.  I'm getting tired just thinking about it.

Here's this weeks menu:

Monday:  Meatloaf, roasted potatoes, broccoli cauliflower casserole
Tuesday:  Steak, sweet potatoes (layered in crock pot), applesauce
Wednesday:  Broiled tilapia, baked potatoes and green beans
Thursday:  Best chili ever
Friday:  Taco salads using chili
Saturday:  Shrimp and Old Bay, baked potato and salad
Sunday:  Leftovers.

I'll be posting my meatloaf and chili recipe later this week.  They are the best!  I think the chili tastes like Wendy's, but I'm sure mine is healthier.

So, what's good at your place?


Rachel E. said...

My family loves my meatloaf and chili. They usually like my thrown together dishes more than anything. How often do you all eat potatoes?

Charli said...

Not usually this often, but we had a great crop from the garden of both regular potatoes and sweet potatoes. I didn't expect this. Since everything else in the garden did so poorly and had bought 100 pounds of red potatoes at the amish auction. I have well over 300 pounds of potatoes now. So we'll be eating more potatoes this year!

Rachel E. said...

Sounds good!

Renee said...

We are having broiled Tilapia this week too! :) Fellow hs'er here and sorry to hear about your sickness. It's hard to keep up with the craziness esp when you have some sickies. :(

Katie said...

I hope your boys are feeling better. Being sick is no fun. :(

I look forward to your meatloaf and chili recipes!

Charli said...

Thanks for all the well wishes. We went back to the Dr. today. 2 are better, 1 is actually worse. New meds and breathing treatments every four hours....oh and meatloaf night turned into take out pizza night. :)