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08 September 2011

Shop N Save 2 Day Sale.

Sorry for the double post today, but I went to Shop n Save for their 2 Day Sale and thought I would pass on some great deals for my local readers.

Frozen b/s chicken breast 3# bag are 4/$20.
Gia Russa pasta 1# bags are 10/$10.
Whole Chickens are BOGO at $1.89/#
Ballpark Franks are buy 1 get 2 free
Sugardale bacon is 4/$10.
Twin packs of Hamburger Helper are 3/$5.  (like getting 6 boxes for $5)
Kellog's Pop Tarts 12 pack are 5/$10.
Gia Russa stuffed rigatoni are buy 1 get 2 free @ 3.99 each.

I stocked up on whole chickens, 2 bags of chicken breasts, the pasta, hotdogs, and bacon.

I also grabbed 3 boxes of Hamburger Helper and 6 packages of the stuffed rigatoni.  It makes a super quick meal and is much cheaper than the drive thru (and healthier, I'm sure).

Don't forget, it ends Friday.


Tracey said...

We always get the 5 icecream for $10. I think I may pick up the bacon this time. I am considering the 10 for $10 dryer sheets and 10 for $10 sausage.

Charli said...

I've bought the 5/10 ice cream before. It's pretty good. I think the whole chickens are a good deal. BOGO = about 0.99/#. And you can cook the bones in your crock pot overnight for homemade chicken stock.

Cessna said...

Did you see the cereal 5 for $10? I got 3 boxes:)

Charli said...

I picked some cereal up too. Then when I checked out I got a random $5 off my next purchase coupon from the register. I might go back and splurge on more cereal.