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06 October 2011

Be Prepared.

Here's something you might not know.  Ronnie was an Eagle Scout.  He's also shot a bobcat that attacked him while turkey hunting.  When we were first married, I used to get this mixed up.  I would tell people that Ronnie was a park ranger who killed a mountain lion.  Needless to say, they were always impressed.  It was probably almost 8 months before Ronnie found out about my tales and let me know that nothing I was saying was true. 

But he was an Eagle Scout.  And that's a super boy scout.  And the boy scout motto is "Be Prepared".  And that I know is true.

So with winter slowly coming up on the horizon, now is the perfect time to start stocking up on those necessities.  You know, the things you need when the snow starts falling so you're not part of the 10,000 people at Walmart buying bread, milk and poptarts.

Here's what I like to do before the snow flies. 

1.  Check out the van.  Tires, blankets, bottled water and snacks, lighter, bag of salt or kitty litter, cell phone charger, flashlight and the one thing I always forget until after it snows....an ice scraper.

2.  Clean the fireplace. We have gas logs that I love.  Cozy flames, no dirt.  I still take time to sweep around the logs and wipe down any stuff that may have wandered in that area.

3.  Check the sheet/blanket situation.  Do I have enough of everything?  I know one of the  comforters needs some work thanks to our dog Izzy chewing the stuffing out of part of it.  I also know that I need some full size flannel/fleece sheets for the bunk beds.

4.  Check out the boot situation.  I need to get some boots for Josh.  Everyone else can move up a size.  I'd also like to find some snowpants for him this year, since this is the first year I've had no yard sale luck for these items.

5.  Clean the van.  One last good shampoo inside before it gets too cold.

6.  Wash and hang the comforters out to dry.  I like to line dry them before winter.  It's so much easier than using the dryer.  And cheaper.

7.  Change out the window screens for storm windows.

8.  Make sure I have enough candles.

9.  Put all the generator supplies together. 

10.  I also like to keep a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk in the freezer for just in case.  Even if there's not a storm, if it's cold and I don't have to go out, I don't. 

11.  Vaccuum the heat registers and change the furnace filter.

12.  Check on the carbon monoxide detector and change the batteries in the smoke dectectors when the time changes.

So as you enjoy Autumn, don't forget what lies around the corner.....

It's always better to be prepared.


Rachel E. said...

Absolutely true...thanks for the reminder to be prepared.

Selena said...

Thanks, Charli, for giving me even MORE things to add to my to-do list. (Just teasing...you are such a great blogger!)

And you shampoo your van carpet? I'm impressed! :)

Charli said...

Have you seen the inside of my van? I'll probably need a hazmat team when I clean it!