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30 January 2012

Menu Plan Monday for January 30th.

I'm already gearing up for February!  Lots going on this month, including five family birthdays (mine included).  Just goes to prove that good people are born in February.
Or that a lot of people get pregnant in May.  Excited for Summer and all that, I guess.

I've also realized that I probably need to make Valentines for my co-op students, so I need a total of 4 sets of 27 Valentines this year.  That's a total of 108 Valentines for those of you reading this early, before your coffee or math skills kick in. 

Ronnie is so excited for this week.  His beekeeping classes start on Thursday.  He wants Josh to go with him, passing on the torch to the younger generation and all that I guess.  I'm slipping a DS in their car that night, just in case.

Our menu is pretty simple this week.  I've realized now that my pantry challenge is over, that I have a lot of ground beef left in the freezer.  I also have a large amount of potatoes still in the cellar.  I've got to make a better effort to use these weekly. 

I have a couple of repeats from last week that I didn't get around to making.  Ronnie requested lasagna one night and pizza another.  We had the pizza on Friday to celebrate the end of my Eat from the Pantry Challenge.  When I called and asked Ronnie if he'd like me to pick up pizza from Colassesano's on my way home from co-op, he said "Oh yes!  I've really been wanting some good food."  What!  It's a good thing I love him (and his foot in mouth disease).  He apologized when he realized what he said.  I really wasn't mad, I know he loves their pizza and had been missing it. 

Here's what we're having:
Monday:  Steak hoagies, cheesy cauliflower pancakes and salad
Tuesday:  French toast and peaches
Wednesday:  Baked spaghetti and green beans
Thursday:  Cheeseburgers, fried potatoes and green beans
Friday:  Dinner at my in laws
Saturday:  Chuck E Cheese for my nephew's birthday
Sunday:  Hibachi for my birthday

Nice and easy.  Just like I like it. 

For more ideas be sure to check out orgjunkie.com.


Rachel E. said...

Sometimes simple is exactly how it should be. I love simple. I am know for what I call "slop". I throw together what I find and it usually tastes delicious. My husband says, "It must be slop because it smells wonderful".

shopannies said...

following via gfc

Charli said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Charli said...

It's funny, I try to make these big meals and they'll probably be thrilled with french toast and cheeseburgers.