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18 January 2012

Toy Review: Reptangles

I love to give unique gifts.  You know, something you don't see everyday.  This was part of Joshua's 6th birthday present.

These are Reptangles from Fat Brain Toys.  Think Legos, but with turtles.

We love our Reptangles.  They are used in so many ways.

They come with instructions to build about 24 different structures, but they also provide endless hours of free play not only building but also serving as transportation for superheros. 

I use these to work on logic in our workboxes at least monthly.  They're recommended for ages 6 and up, and I would say that's an appropriate range.  Josh (7) and John (5) are able to build with them, but Josiah (4) still has a little trouble connecting them together.

We also have AnimaLogic and Inchimals from Fat Brain Toys.  Inchimals actually came in our Kindergarten cirriculum from Timberdoodle last year.

If you've never heard of Reptangles or Fat Brain Toys, you can check them out here or by clicking my affiliate link below. 

1 comment:

Maria said...

how neat!!! I love that they are turtles!!!!