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10 April 2012

I'm on attack.

Watch out dust bunnies.
Beware long, lost item under the bunk beds.
This time - I mean business.
I'm joining up with Cheryl at Treasures from a Shoebox for 31 Days to Clean. Having a Martha House the Mary Way by Sarah Mae

You may remember that I started this project once before.  I was really doing great.  I'm still not to sure what happened that I stopped.  Surprisingly enough, no one has come to clean my house yet.   I guess it's back to my 31 days. 

I'm tackling this challenge with my friend Tracey from Building My House and my mother in law, Marion.  Basically, I'm counting on peer pressure to keep me motivated. 

The plan is to do four chapters a week.  I think I can keep up with that pace. 

I hope I can keep up with that pace.

Don't worry.  I won't bore you too much with my cleaning escapades.  I'll be updating you weekly on how it's going. 

Unless you're fascinated by me cleaning my toilet. 

If that's the case, we may have bigger issues to discuss. 

This weeks challenges include:

Day 1:  Make a mission statement/list what you'll need to clean.
Day 2: How can I bring life to my home?/Clean fridge & freezers.
Day 3:  Ask your family what makes them feel loved and try to meet that need/Clean tops of refrigerator/cabinets and shelves.  Shine outside of drawers & cabinets.
Day 4:  Invite a friend over and enjoy their company/Clean your oven & microwave inside and out.

I'm also trying to finally paint my kitchen, even if I have to do one wall a week.  I will finish it!  I'll let you know how it's going next week. 

You can download the book here if you want to join me.  Last check, it was $4.99.

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