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18 July 2012

Dates for Dad.

 Yesterday was Ronnie’s birthday! 

You guys have had to put up with my complaining about working extra, but the truth is I had a good reason for those extra shift.  I splurged on my hubs and bought him a new TV for his birthday.  He actually picked it out last week.  I didn’t want to make such a big decision without his input. 

Yes, he’s totally loving it.  And yes, I’m an awesome wife. 

Even though I scored major points with this gift, I wanted him to have something to open on his birthday.  Something on the cheap.  You know, because I spent all my money already on the TV. 

I’ve seen different ideas for a date a month on Pinterest, but I put a little twist on mine.  I listed twelve things that we can do after the kids are in bed.  Most are free, others are close to it.  Nothing on the list is more than $5 at the most. 

All I did was print my list, cut it into strips and place it in a container.  I used a silver heart container that Ronnie gave me when we were first married. 

Here’s my list of ideas:

Stargazing on a blanket
Ice cream on the swing
Movie night

Breakfast in bed

Wii game night

Bubble Bath


Candlelight dance

Card game
Dinner for 2 at home

Dessert for two
Pedicure just for you. 

I tried to choose things that I should make time for, but I really don't.  None of these ideas cost much, or actually take that much time.  And they can all be done after the kids are in bed, which means no need for a sitter. 

Yeah for cheap dates!


Maria said...

great ideas! i may copy some down. We seem to get in the rut of after the kids going to bed, watching TV. Which isn't bad of itself but when it becomes all the time and we aren't connecting it isn't good. What a great idea. And the TV was awesome!! Good job! :)

Lori said...

Awe!! This is such a great idea. Rachel did something similar for Bob at Christmas (you should ask her about it). I need to take more time to do things for Jacob instead of my life being wrapped around the kids....great post

Lori said...

oh yea...and, HAPPY BIRTHDAY RONNIE!!!!

Charli said...

I loved what Rachel did, but I needed some no cash options after the TV!

Selena said...

Not sure how you feel about this, or if you could swing it sans kids, but I LOVE building a fire outside and just snuggling near it. Not that great right now with the heat, but a good fall date night thing. :)

Rachel E. said...

Definitely! Simple gifts are often the best.