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27 August 2012

Menu Plan Monday for August 27th.


I don't know why, but I am so excited for this week.

I took off work this Tuesday so that my in laws could go on their anniversary trip.  And even though I'm really busy this week, the fact that I'm not going to work on Tuesday makes me feel like I have all the time in the world. 

Weird.  Especially when you consider that I actually like my job. 

I'm also getting some color slapped on my ol' gray head this week - that always puts a spring in my step.  Most people follow the "no white after Labor day" rule.  My rule is return to being a redhead by fall.  I'm more than ready to get these highlights covered up.  Josiah still comes up while I'm at the computer, stares at my head and says "Yellow.  I don't know why your hair is yellow." 

This week's menu has quite a few new recipes courtesy of Pinterest.


Sweet & Sour chicken, rice and sugar snap peas
Cheeseburges, loaded baked potato fries and salad

Baked spaghetti, Italian cheese bread and salad


Salmon patties, mac & cheese and peas


Pasta with white sauce, green beans.
Sunday:  Leftovers.

 I've been wanting to try the sweet & sour chicken for a while now.  The pasta with white sauce is actually made with beans.  We love white sauce, but I feel bad feeding my family cream cheese & butter over pasta - hopefully we'll like this one as well. 

Everything else on the menu I have made before and can personally vouch that it is delish. 

So, what's good at your house this week?


Maria said...

Adam is away at army for the week, and I only have Liam...so I'm barely cooking. Got some low calories lean pockets when they were on sale at shop and save, cans of soup, salad stuff. Lol. It seems silly to cook for just me and Liam. Have a great week! Miss ya!

Lori said...

Let me know how that sweet and sour chicken turns out. I want to try it.

Barb said...

Is the Pizza Kickoff this Friday? I was hoping you was going.

Charli said...

Barb, yes. The pizza kickoff is this Friday, but we already had a trip planned so we won't be there. You should still go, it's a great event to get to know people - for both you and the boys! I forgot all about Friday when I planned our menu. Guess I'll move that one till next week!