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19 January 2013

Pantry Challenge: Shopping Trip #3.

Today's trip had quite a few unexpected purchases.  We seem to have picked up a stomach bug that is working it's way through the family. 

I am blessed with a wonderful pediatrician who loves nurses and was nice enough to call in Phenergan suppositories for us without having to drag everyone in for an office visit. 

This shopping trip was initially for just a few basics, but things change when kiddos (and parents) get sick.

Here's what I picked up this week:
4 gallons of milk
3 loaves of bread
5 dozen eggs
Large bag of organic apples
Large Colby jack cheese
Large bag Malt O Meal "cheerios"
3 pounds of bananas
Large grape juice
Large cranberry cherry juice
1 butter
6 pack cherry Pepsi bottles
3 large grape Gatorade
3 large pink Gatorade
2 packs fruit chillers
3 new toothbrushes
1 can Lysol
1 pack of Clorox redi-wipes
Prescription for phenergan

Total spent:  $83.31

This makes my overall total for the month $181.25.  Seeing how it's only the 19th, it's highly unlikely I'll make my goal of only spending $200 this month, but that's OK.  I'm still using up a lot of food from my freezer and pantry.  I could have cut out some money from this trip by using my homemade cleaners, but I was almost out.  And frankly, I'm not feeling the best yet either.  It's just easier to use the wipes and Lysol. 

The rest of the challenge is going well.  I've had my friend Tracey over for coffee and my Aunt Lynn is coming over on Monday for lunch.  That covers hospitality.
The boys have been making new recipes for treats which covers catching up on our cooking class.  We haven't eaten out at all this month - which is actually amazing.  We've picked out our three cows for this year and have the money set back to pay for them in February.  And lastly, I've been completely transparent with my spending, even though I'm not doing the best.  All in all, not to bad.

To see how others are doing with their pantry challenge, check out good (cheap) eats. 


Rachel E. said...

It seems so many are coming down with this bug. Yuck. I am thankful my family hasn't, but it doesn't mean they won't. Last time my youngest was sick with intestinal issues, I made a homemade electrolyte drink. It is made with lemon juice, honey, water, and salt. She didn't want it, but my son managed to get her to drink a bit. I froze the rest. I didn't want to waste it, but it was really cheap in comparison to the store bought stuff.

Charli said...

I'd love to have that recipe. BTW, congrats on another girl! How exciting.

Rachel E. said...

Here is the link.


Maria said...

Don't beat urself up if you go over the $200. I think even if you do, it won't be by much. :) I hope everyone is over the flu!

Charli said...

You're right Maria. $200 was a really tight goal. It's still a big savings for us this month.