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25 March 2013

Menu Plan Monday for March 25th.

I know it's March 25th, but really?  I mean, I just woke up to close to two inches of snow this morning.  Don't get me wrong, I actually kinda like Winter, but it does seem to be dragging on this year. 

I have to tell you about the best part of my weekend.  Sunday morning, I was clearing the breakfast dishes before getting ready for church and Josiah comes into the kitchen.  He very seriously looks at me and says "Mommy, I don't want to go to that hall".  Needless to say, I was a little confused so I asked him what was wrong in the hall - I mean, he just walked through it to get to me.  He goes on to tell me that Joshua told him all about hall and it's a hot place and a bad place and most importantly Jesus is never there and he doesn't ever want to go there either.  Ah Ha.   Hell.  Not hall.  Josiah then went on to tell me that Josh told him that Mommy and Daddy would help him say a prayer to ask Jesus into his heart so Jesus could live there forever.  By far, the best part of my week. 

The craft show was this weekend and was pretty successful.  We had a great crowd, so many talented crafters and vendors and such good workers that I was actually home before 6pm.  I seriously can't wait to do it again.  

We have some fun planned for this week, including an Easter party and egg hunt on Good Friday at Levels UMC down the road.  Jenny always has the best party for the kids in the community.  They'll do a craft, learn about Jesus, have a snack and then an egg hunt.  The boys just love it.  Then on Saturday, the egg hunt at Trinity is at 1pm.  Also, another favorite.  The only other thing I really have to do is make a snack for Ronnie's bee meeting on Thursday.  I'm looking forward to a little less busyness this week.

Here's my menu plan:
Monday:  Breakfast for dinner.
Tuesday:  Loaded soup beans.
Wednesday: Creamy chicken enchiladas, refried beans, and salad
Thursday:  Steak, baked potato and carrots.
Friday:  Three cheese manicotti, salad, garlic bread
Saturday:  Leftovers
Sunday:  Ham, sweet potato casserole, green beans, deviled eggs, rolls and eclair cake

Don't forget to check out orgjunkie.com for more great menu ideas.

Have a great Easter!


Maria said...

That is amazing news!!!! How exciting!!! Yay Josiah!!! ;) And the craft fair was amazing!! So many talented crafters and a good variety of vendors. Loved it! :) If I don't talk to you before Easter, Happy Easter!! Altho we may try to go to the egg hunt at Trinity, so we may see you there.

Rachel E. said...

We woke up to about six inches. My husband was shoveling snow from the driveway for an hour before he could leave for work - LATE. But, the boss told him to just go in to the local branch rather than the main office.

You are so on top of your menu. You need to rub some of that off on my. :D

Tracey said...

I love that Josh is the little preacher and knew exactly who to send Josiah to. That's awesome news!

Anonymous said...

Awesome news about Josiah! I don't want to go to "hall" either! ;)
Enjoy your stories so much!
~Shannon Messenger