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03 May 2013

2 Day Sale Ends Today!

Hey guys!

I had to go to town today and ran in Shop & Save to pick up the following 2 Day Sale deals:

Boneless whole pork loin @ 1.88/#  - I had this cut into chops for summer grilling.
Sugardale bacon @ 4/$10  (bought 8)
Hillandale bagels @ 10/$10 (bought 3)
Jumbo Kaiser rolls (6 ct) BOGO = $1.25 each (bought 2)
Deli turkey breast @ $2.98/# (bought 1 #)

Not part of the 2 Day Sale, but just great deals:

Milk @ $1.99/gallon.  And yes, I bought 8 gallons.  4 for the fridge, 4 for the freezer.

Tomato plants @ $5.99 each - these are beautiful.  Nice thick stalks and already 3 feet tall and staked.  I picked up 4 for this summer.  I would have bought a few more, but it didn't say what kind of tomato it is.  For the price and how healthy those plants are, it's worth the mystery to try them out.

Gia Russa pasta @ 10/$10  (bought 10)

That's all that I bought, but there were a few other good buys today:

Ground beef 75% lean @ $1.99/#
Gia Russa stuffed rigatoni @ buy 1 get 2 free
12 pack ice cream sandwiches @ 2/$5
United Dairy ice cream @ 5/$10

If you're close to a Shop & Save, you may want to stock up.

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