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07 June 2013

Weird things.

Do you ever tell your kids weird things?  Like bizarre things that you know can't be true, but they still take you at your word?

My kids believe that:

Hush puppies at Long John Silver's are really fried jellyfish.

If you swallow bubble gum, you'll toot bubbles.

If you swallow watermelon seeds, a watermelon will grow in your belly.

And my favorite, one day after work I picked up pizza.  I was super hungry and hadn't had lunch yet, so I took a slice out and ate it on the way home.  I joked that the pizza guy must have ate a piece of our pizza.  About six months later as we were eating pizza, Josh said "Remember the time the pizza guy ate a piece of pizza?".  Funny!

Just so you know, my kids get their gullibility honest.  When I was little, my mom told me lots of crazy things that I believed for years.  I believed that the Falling Rock signs were signs put up by an Indian squall looking for his missing love named "Falling Rock". 

The best one I believed was that Shamu (from Sea World) was transported back and forth from Ohio - where Sea World used to be when I was growing up - to the ocean in tanker trucks.  I would go psycho for tanker trucks thinking that Shamu was in them.  My mom thought this was hysterically funny until I almost made her wreck the car climbing over her to get to the window to see Shamu in the truck as we were speeding down the interstate.  (Seat belts were just a suggestion back in the day). 

What weird things did you believe growing up?


young wife&mom said...

I thought the back of the moon was the sun--and it always was confusing when you had those weird days when the sun was out with the moon.

We were catholic and I thought the priest was JESUS himself--which really made mass more interesting!

I also thought if you dug a hole in the ground with a stick (which I did often) you needed to be careful you didn't dig deep enough to get to hell.

WE listened to oldies a lot growing up and I thought the song, "Secret Agent Man" was "Secret Asian Man" for my entire life until one day a friend heard me singing it and commented. It wasn't until then that I ever thought about how that didn't really make sense.

Funny post Charli--thanks for sharing.

Charli said...

Oh Lori! I love it! You made me laugh out loud.