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22 July 2013

Menu Plan Monday for July 22nd.

Canning season has officially started!

This past weekend we harvested 7 gallons of honey, canned 14 pints of zucchini pineapple, 6 pints of blueberry syrup, and 5 quarts of chicken stock.  Plus, I picked up 15 chickens (already butchered) from Emily that were nice big birds that I left whole and put in the freezer.  Whew!

This week, I'm going to keep working up the chickens.  I'm basically just roasting them two at a time in the roaster, then taking the meat off the bones and roasting the bones with some leftover veggies overnight to make and can stock. 

This week I start working two days a week - one for home health, one for cath lab. 

Here's this weeks menu:

Monday:  Slow cooker cheesy BBQ chicken sandwiches, zucchini fries, zucchini brownies
Tuesday:  Grilled tilapia, baked potatoes, corn
Wednesday:  Pork chops, squash casserole
Thursday:  Cheeseburger quesadillas, salad
Friday:  Ham & swiss Stromboli, watermelon
Saturday:  Grilled chicken salads
Sunday:  Leftovers or breakfast for dinner.

So, what's good at your house this week?

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