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24 August 2015

Menu Plan Monday for August 24th.

I'm up.  I'm caffeinated.  I'm ready to start school with these three characters:


I realized today that I'm always mentioning that we're busy this week and I need to make low key dinners.  We're busy every week.  Who isn't?  And I'm pretty much accustomed to low key meals that get dinner on the table fast.  It's kinda my thing.

This week's menu is no different:

Monday:  Cheeseburgers, potato salad, sautéed zucchini and peach cobbler.
Tuesday:  BLT's, potato salad, applesauce.
Wednesday:  Taco salads.
Thursday:  Roast chicken (in the crockpot), baked potatoes, green beans.
Friday:  Pizza night.
Saturday:  Zucchini lasagna - using my crockpot lasagna recipe but switching out noodles for zucchini since I have an abundance of zucchini.
Sunday:  Leftovers

And there you have it!

So what's good at your place this week?


Mandee Pogue said...

WOW Charli!!! Love, LOve, LOVE the new layout!! So perfect!!!

Charli said...

Thanks Mandee! I'm loving it too.