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05 May 2011

Adios Goats.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I am not just celebrating Mexico's victory over the French today. I am joyfully celebrating the impending sale of 2 very tricky goats. For those of you who don't know, we now have an excessive amount of goats (15) as well as 2 cows in the field. And for the most part, they are a sweet little bunch - with the exception of those 2 rotten goats. The dynamic goat duo are always trying to escape and are frequently successful. When the call inevitably comes that they are loose, I love to refer to it as the great goat getaway. Ronnie, who is chasing the goats, sees a lot less humor in this. I think it's the perfect way to describe the situation. Picture this: loose goat roaming through the trailer park, at least a dozen kids chasing it up & down the road and through the field, adults yelling at kids to leave the goat alone.

Ronnie has finally had enough and has put the two Houdini's in the Bulletin Board this week. That will bring the number of our goats down to 1, the remainder belong to his friend. It's kind of like a timeshare for the goats. Summers at our place, winter at the farm. Not too shabby for a goat.

I have no big love for the goats, although I will admit, it was nice to just bring a goat or two out and not have to rake leaves in the fall. Unfortunately, they also ate a good bit of the new shrubs we planted last year.

I was recently thinking about our wedding vows...

Love, honor and cherish: without a doubt.

In sickness and in health: you bet.

For richer or poorer: you got it.

Forsaking all others: absolutely.

Goats: never covered.

Happy Goat Liberation Day!

Update 5/15/11:
  Ronnie couldn't get rid of the goats.  He hooked up the electric (solar) fence and they haven't escaped since.  Goat Liberation Day is officially cancelled. 

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