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06 May 2011

Summer Reading List

I'm trying to be more realistic this year about my summer reading goals. I always make an outrageous list of what I'm going to read this summer, and end up failing miserably. This is my final list for summer.

Creative Correction by Lisa Whelchel
Reshaping it all by Candace Cameron Burr
Ministry of motherhood by Sally Clarkson
Lies homeschooling moms believe by Todd Wilson
OAMC Family Favorites cookbook
Bringing up boys by Dr. James Dobson (audio book)
Finish the Esther bible study.

I'm planning on listening to the audio book with Ronnie on the way to the beach later this month. I've already started Lies homeschooling mom's believe - loving it! I'm starting an online book club/bible study with Courtney at http://womenlivingwell-courtney.blogspot.com/ for the Ministry of Motherhood and Reshaping it All. As far as the cookbook goes, I've been wanting to try once a month cooking for a while now. I already cook large batches and freeze extra from time to time, but I'd like to be more consistent and actually try for 1 baking day and 1 cooking day a month. I'll let you know how it goes.
I'll post the links if anyone would like to join me for the online book clubs. If your interested in making our own Good Morning Girls group, let me know. It's basically an accountability group for our devotional time. Check it out and post a comment or send me a FB message if your in.

Have a great day!

1 comment:

Charli said...

I've finished Lies Homeschooling Mom's Believe and the OAMC cookbook. I really enjoyed both. I'm working on Reshaping it all still, but I think I'm going to focus on Creative Correction since I borrowed it from Kerry (last year) and should probably give it back soon.