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20 May 2011

They're here.

Despite dragging my feet for almost 2 years.....we are now the proud owners of approximately 48,000 bees.

Here's a photo tour of Ronnie's trip:

Ronnie arrives and unloads his empty hives.
The only picture of Zelda without her bee suit!
Transferring the frames.

This is what the frame looks like.  The queen is the one with the white dot on her head.
Back at our bee yard.  You'll notice it's not as pretty as Zelda's.  Ronnie didn't want to mow.  The fence is there because I didn't want the neighbors to go crazy.
And there you have it.  Bees.
Ronnie says he bets I'll end up liking the bees.

I wouldn't take that bet.


1 comment:

Vicki Pyles said...

LMBO ROTFL. need i say more. except now i have to pee.