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31 May 2011

Under the Sea...

We went to the N.C. Aquarium on Roanake Island last week.  The kids had a blast, and so did the adults. 

 John is all about alligators, so he was thrilled with the animal encounter for that day....Alligators! 
We had a presentation from one of the staff about crocidillians - alligators, crocodials and caimans.  I wasn't even aware of what a caiman was.  My boys however, were - they said it was on Wild Kratts.  I guess they are learning something while I fix dinner, huh?

We got an up close look at a 3 year old alligator.  Apparently, you can't take an up close picture of the animals or they freak out.  Not a problem, since I didn't really want to remember this trip as the reason I can now only count to 9, instead of 10.

All the kids had a chance to touch the alligators tail.  I was especially proud of Hannah.  She's not to keen on alligators, thanks to Dora and her crocodile river. 

Then it was on to the "touch" tanks.  We were able to touch stingrays, starfish & sea urchins. 

The shark tank just freaked me out.  I just kept watching the big shark circling the girls cleaning the tank and hearing - dada...dada...  
I think it was just a flashback from watching Jaws at the drive in with my mom.  In all fairness, she did think I was asleep.  I wouldn't take a bath by myself for months, and swimming that year - forget it!
The boys thought it was "awesome" and were excited that the "shark's cleaning ladies", as Josiah called them, waved to them.
Outside, they had a fossil dig where you could dig for sharks teeth.
  I have a suspicion that this is like the time I sent the boys into the garden
 to dig for pirate treasure. 

We all know how plentiful pirates were in West Virginia.

They gave it their best shot, but no teeth were to be found.
Not a bad day at all.

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