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18 June 2011

Birthday Cake Extravaganza!

I was going through my pictures and decided to share some favorite birthday cakes that I have made. 

My technique has improved as time has gone by....they're not quite as lop-sided as John's Spiderman cake.  But, look at that sweet face - that was one excited 4 year old!

This baseball cake was made for a friend's son.  I made a yellow cake on the bottom for the base and cut the glove out of a round chocolate cake.  I tried my best to make a baseball from a snowball snack cake, but it just wasn't working.  I used a real baseball instead.
This was Josiah's 3rd birthday cake.  All he wanted for his birthday was candy, so I made a double layer chocolate round cake with a very thin layer of chocolate icing and covered it with Kit Kats and M&M's.  The bow was just cute and helped the Kit Kats stay in place.

This picture is actually for my friend's daughter's baby shower, but I really like how it turned out.  It's two pumpkin bundt cakes stacked on top of each other and drizzled with a simple glaze.

Sorry about this picture quality.  This is from Josiah's 2nd birthday.  Mickey Mouse cupcakes.  Cupcakes with Oreo ears.  Simple.

This is an example of my "easy cake".  I ordered the icing sheet from EBay and put it on top of a sheet cake.  I think it's just as good as a bakery cake and it takes very little time to make.  It fed over 30 people with leftovers for less than $20.

Even with the cost of the icing sheets, it's still a better price to make our own birthday cakes.

I love to see their faces light up when they see what I've made them. 

Try it for your next party!

Here's a closer look at Spiderman:


esgood2006 said...

I maybe needing to make a Spiderman cake. How did you make yours and do you have any closer pics of it? Also any other suggestions for Spiderman cakes?

Thank you,

Esma Good

Charli said...

It's a double layer, iced white, then iced red on top. I piped the edged and added a the edible cartoon icing sheet that I bought on ebay. Then I made black circular lines with icing and conneted them to look like a web. The 4 and stars are all glitter foam board from AC Moore that I cut out and attached to white florist wire. I curled the wire around a pencil to make it look springy. Finally I added a Spiderman candle from AC Moore to the top.

The foam cut outs took the most time. Also, if you use an icing sheet, put it in the freezer for a few minutes first to get it off the backing easier.
My son loved this cake. The icing sheets make it look a lot harder than it was.
Good luck with your Spiderman cake and thanks for looking at mine.