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14 June 2011

Day Two- The Dreaded Refrigerator.

What I like about the book "31 Days to Clean", is that it has both a physical (Martha)
and a spiritual (Mary) challenge in each chapter. 

The Mary challenge was to look for ways to bring life into our sphere of influence - our relationships as well as our homes.  To me this means taking the time to build better relationships with my husband and kids, as well as extended family and church family.  To try harder to be available to others needs, instead of worrying so much about my own little bubble.

The Martha challenge was to deep clean my fridge and freezer.  My freezer is fine.  It's organized by animal, vegetable, mineral....just kidding! 

My fridge on the other hand....as you can see, it needed some love and attention.

While it's not rocket science, here's what I did:
  • Removed everything, and I mean everything
  • Washed inside with baking soda & water.
  • Combined duplicates.
  • Added plastic bins to corral condiments.
  • Tossed anything past it's prime.
  • Cut up salads & fruit for the week.
The end results....

So much better!  I also added a kid's shelf of things they can grab on their own - water, yogurt and Josh's Pediasure. 
I think using the bins in there is going to help keep it straightened.  I had lots of opened bottles - things I wanted to use again. 
We are all big salad eaters here - even the boys.  It's not unusual to have 5 or 6 different bottles of salad dressing open at a time. 
The bins will keep them all together.  They're plastic, so they can easily be wiped out. 

2 days down, 29 to go... 

Check out Organizing Junkie for more great organizational tips.
I'm also linking up with Far Above Rubies for Domestically Divine Tuesdays.


Erica said...

I love idea of the plastic bins for the open condiment bottles. I may have to try that!

Yonna said...

You are such a hard worker cousin Charli. My refrigerator is less than half full as yours but, you have inspired me. So, without knowing it you have done something for someone else in your family. The brown unladeled powder in the tubberware at the back is destined for the trash,

MonicaB said...

I'll have to remember the bins when I tackle the refrigerator. I always find stray bottles everywhere. Great job getting your refrigerator clean!

Charli said...

Thanks for the comments girls! I'm attacking the pantry next week.

Selena said...

Charli, you have inspired me, too! My fridge is scary right now, and I need to get it organized. I'm definitely trying the plastic bins myself, as we also have lots of salad dressing and other bottles in there. Thanks for the tips!

Jeanne said...

yes you have inspired me also, tomorrow my fridge is going to look like yours after you cleaned it, thanks Charli