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25 June 2011

Easy Bathroom Cleaning Project

A few years back we remodeled our bathroom and added a whirlpool tub.  We live in a very old house and have only one small bathroom that we share.

I love my tub.  It's like my little sanctuary from the world.  It's deep and wide and bubbly.  Lovely.
Cleaning it....not so lovely.  Or is it?

Truth be told, it's really not that big a deal to clean, it's just time consuming. 
Here's how I clean my tub & jets.

Two Cascade tablets

One tub of water

Turn your jets on for 15 minutes.

Drain and scrub around the jet openings and rest of tub surface.
Refill tub with clean water and turn on jets for 10 minutes -
 to flush chemicals from line.
Drain and rinse again.

Enjoy your clean tub!

One last thing.  Ronnie & I were constantly out of shampoo or body wash thanks to little boys reaching our bottles.  We found this on Amazon for less than $20 and love it!  It looks like the current price is $25, but Amazon changes their prices all the time. 
It holds four different liquid items and I had no trouble installing it.  It's been on the wall for 6 months now.  No more wasted shampoo!

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