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10 June 2011

Friday Evening with the Family.

Surprise, surprise.  Ronnie unexpectedly got the night off of work.  This never happens.  He's usually working over instead.  So, what to do on a nice Friday evening at home?  The initial plan was a nice dinner and some ice cream on the porch, but then opportunity struck.  Actually, it crossed the road to our garage.
That's right.  A 5 foot black snake.  The boys were all about that.  Ronnie proceeded to  tell them about snakes - poisonous vs. non poisonous, and show them the parts of a snake.  Their favorite snake anatomy fact:
Snakes also have "bum bums".  I mistakenly told them the correct anatomical term.  What was I thinking?

We left the dead snake on a big sheet of cardboard on the back deck while we had dinner.  The boys & I were all a little freaked out that the snakes nervous system took so long to stop moving.

Once the movement stopped, we were back outside for an impromptu science lesson.  Thank goodness Ronnie was there for this.  I have dissected my fair share of critters back in A&P classes, but I hate snakes. 
As I said before, the boys, especially Josiah, were fascinated at the thought of snake body functions. 

This is what homeschoolers do, right?

So, what did you do tonight?

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