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11 June 2011

Back Porch Makeover

Poor neglected back porch.  It bears the burden of all our coming & going.  It has been the sight for goat immunizations and bee hive building.  It is truly our catch all spot. 
It's also the first thing visitors see when they come to our home. 


Time to get busy.

I scrubbed the door and siding, washed the windows, scraped the peeling deck, and painted it with non-slip paint.  I dug all the Moon Sand and Play Dough out of the creases of the table and then painted two old chairs that we haven't been using. 

Ronnie rewarded all my hard work with the beautiful hanging basket.

I rewarded myself with the great black star that I found at Trinity's yard sale today. 

The result:

Ahh...that's better. 

I need to add my mulch still and you may have noticed my crooked umbrella.  It was blown away while we were at the beach.  I'm patient.  I'll make due with it until I find a new one (at a great price).

I have given up the idea that I will have a "showcase" house anytime soon.  We are a family that works hard and plays hard. 

I want a home that is inviting and welcoming.  One that says "Come on in.  Put your feet up and let's have some coffee". 

Slowly, I'm getting there.


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Jeanne said...

it looks great , can I borrow you for a couple weeks, I just can't seem to work like I used to , it's heck getting old