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30 June 2011

Thoughts about Sunday.

I'm sure most of us are aware of the Ten Commandments.  You know, Moses....Exodus....Israelites....the Big Ten list of rules. 

I think about these commands, or rules and it's just like with my own children.  The rules are for my own good.  My life will be easier, more peaceful, happier - if I would follow them.  Now, obviously, I do pretty well with most of them.  I haven't killed anyone recently, I'm faithful to my husband, I don't use the five finger discount when I'm out and about. 

There are a few that I do struggle with more than others.  And if your honest, there's at least one that you'll admit is probably a struggle for you also.

Remember the Sabbath, to keep it holy.  Exodus 20:8.

Sunday is considered our Sabbath.  The Sabbath should be for our worship and our rest.  Why?  Because, God knew that we need to recharge.  We need rest.  It's not good to be constantly working, whether at our jobs or projects at home. 
Yet, how many times do we use the weekend, including Sunday to catch up on our week?  It seems like such a relaxing day.  An obvious choice to get some work done after church. 

Sometimes I think we view this commandment as a "lesser" commandment.  We think "I'm not going to kill, steal, or be unfaithful"  But mowing the grass on Sunday or going out to eat, or hitting the grocery store...really, what's the harm? 

The point is, it's still a commandment from God. 

Believe me, I am not on a soapbox here.  I really struggle with Sunday commitments.  I love to go out to eat after church.  I've been known to hit WalMart after service to pick up a few things and maybe even lunch at Subway.  But when I check out, I think to myself...if I wasn't here supporting this business right now, would the clerk or waitress have had a chance to go to church today?  Maybe they really needed to hear God's word and be around someone who could show them God's love.  What kind of witness am I leaving with them by shopping here today? 

In reality, it's not that much work to throw something in the crock pot before church or even cook ahead and warm up leftovers.  Why not use the day to reconnect with  family?  Have a friend over.  Take it easy. 

It is for your own good you know.

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BB said...

I feel the same way.