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01 July 2011

My garden experiment

This rain was making me crazy this spring.  Ronnie couldn't get a good day to put the electric fence up, which meant I couldn't get the plants in. And I had to get the plants in before we left for the beach.  Had to.
We learned years ago that the deer were in the woods lurking, just waiting for me to plant their delicious feast. 

Solution:  I used the giant flower boxes on my front porch this year.  Why should I go to the expense of buying flowers when I have all these beautiful vegetables just waiting for some good dirt?  I chose to plant my lettuce because it doesn't root to deeply and it should be convenient to get a salad from the front porch.

Here's how it turned out:

As of now, I have mixed feelings.  The left side grows better than the right side.  I  think my lettuce would be larger if it were in the garden instead.  It is also taking a ton of water to keep the dirt moist - much more than when I had flowers in it.   Lastly, I miss my pretty flowers.  They really added some nice color to the front.

Not all of my schemes work out. 

Next year, I'll stick with flowers.

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