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23 June 2011

VBS Adventures....So Far.

Our church has been having VBS this week.  The actual service has been great.  The activity at our house following VBS - not so great.

Here's the rundown.

Monday:  Some apparently sad/terrifying story about a lamb that died kept John awake until after 11pm.  He just kept saying "Mom, that lamb died.  Did you know that?  It died."  He ended up sleeping in our bed.  I have no idea what the lesson was about, but I really do wish the lamb hadn't died.  Really.

Tuesday:  I had to get everyone up early because I work on Tuesdays.  Late nights + early mornings = grouchy kids.  On top of which it started storming right at bedtime.  All three boys lost it over the storm and ending up sleeping on the couch. Plus don't forget the lamb.  We still had to hear about the lamb.

Wednesday:  John & Josiah stayed home with Ronnie.  I guess Josiah was tired from all the time spent rolling on the coffee shop floor and playing Angry Birds.  He needed a break.  Josh & I went on our own.  It started out great.  We had dinner at church and he finally got a balloon animal/prize that he had been hoping for all week.  Not only did he get one, he got the one he wanted - a sword.  He was beyond excited. 

He couldn't wait to get home to show Daddy & the boys his sword.  Just as he got to the back door - you guessed it - it popped!  He was devastated.  Every time we would get him calmed down and to stop crying,  John would ask him "Josh, why did you break that balloon?"  And we would start all over again.   

I don't know if I can handle two more days......

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