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03 June 2011

WV Weekend Round-up

Got any plans for the weekend?  Of course you do.  Don't we all. 
I thought I'd share some fun stuff going on around the area this weekend anyway.
  • Morgantown Farmers Market - great produce, baked goods, fresh WV trout, steaks - this place really does have it all.  I'll be missing this one Saturday due to other plans below and the fact that Mr. B will be there with his delicious honey.  He's the one who taught Ronnie's bee classes.  I'm having no love for the bees this week and I'd hate to be banned from this great farmer's market for attacking the bee man.
  • Sunset Drive In - That's right!  It's opening this weekend.  X-Men First Class and Thor are playing.  I have heard from numerous people that Thor was kind of a dud, but I would really like to see X-Men.  With it being the first show and PG13, I don't see us making it.  It might work out for me though, the boys should be very tired from all the walking we'll be doing in #3.
  • YARD SALE DAY!  That's right.  It's my favorite yard sale day of the year.  The first weekend in June.  I'm going to go ahead and tell you my plans, but be warned- if I see you there scoping out my buys based on what I'm telling you here... I will take you down
    • Fair Oaks development is my first stop and by far my favorite yard sale of the year.  There is a drug rep on the top street who's son is one size bigger than John and she is always selling his barely worn clothes.  Love them.  Plus, she has great toys & books.  I also stock up on a years supply of bandage scissors (I tend to leave my scissors at patient's houses all over Marion County).
    • FGH is having one in the parking garage downtown Saturday.  They've had it in the hospital parking lot before and always have a good selection.  I'm interested to see how it goes at the new location.
    • If you're in Clarksburg, I've been told the Nutter Fort city wide yard sale in Saturday.  It tends to be a nice sale also.
    • Check out the Times WV for some other great sales while you're driving around. 

My mother in law is my yard sale buddy.  We hit quite a few sales over the summer, but this weekend our favorite.  I score all kinds of great learning games and toys that I use for school, as well as clothes for the boys.  I think we might splurge and have lunch at C.J. Maggies now that they're open in downtown.

It's funny how we change as we get older.  I would never have gone to a yard sale growing up.  Now, I love it.  It's like a modern day treasure hunt.  If you know of any other good sales or plans for the weekend, let me know.

Hope to see you out there.

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