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03 June 2011

Friday's unplanned trip

I was checking the paper today for tomorrow's yard sales and just had to take a little excursion this morning.  I called Marion, loaded up the boys and away we went.  Boy, am I glad we did. 

Here is today's haul.
Here's the breakdown:

2 complete V Smile systems with AC adapters & 7 games, Gator Golf, Robotic Dinosaur

8 books, Hot Wheels racetrack, 3 Lego mini sets, Twister, 3 Melissa & Doug wooden puzzles

Elephun, Silly Pins, Melissa & Doug Solar System and Zoo Friends floor puzzles, 5 Animated Stories from the New Testament videos, Speedway racetrack & car, basketball net, little motorcycle.

This was the boys stuff.  The boys current V smile has a short in it and John & Joisah love to play it while Josh & I do school.  Today's are newer versions and in great shape with games we don't have.  I bought them for $10 each - less than the price of a game.  Now I have an extra controller & system. 

But wait....there's more!

I also picked up a waffle iron, wooden candle holder, gallon pitcher with lid, 2 tin flower baskets, a wreath, Levi's and sweat pants for fall for Josh, a plastic bag saver, a blaze orange kid's size hunting vest, and a Vera Bradley purse.

 My personal favorites from today are the purse and the candle holder.  I'm also excited about the waffle iron - my gluten free baking mix came in and I'm going to try making some waffles. 

I will say that I spent way more than I usually do today. 

Total spent:  $62.00

Now that's a good yard sale day. 

1 comment:

Positive Adoption said...

Charli,when I make gluten free waffles with my iron, I freeze the extras in sandwich baggies so I can have one when the family is having regular waffles!
You had a great yard sale day!