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04 June 2011

Another day of great sales.

We went to Fair Oaks today for our favorite yard sale.  I'm very pleased with today's haul. 
Here we go:
First up, kids clothes
  1. 7S & 8S Gap jeans
  2. Old Navy (ON) jeans
  3. Gap l/s tee
  4. ON l/s tee
  5. Gymboree l/s tee
  6. Star Wars tee
  7. Pirates short set
  8. Steelers jersey
  9. WVU shirt
  10. Transformers 2 pc PJ
  11. Nike sweat set x 2 sets
  12. Adidas sweat set
  13. ON l/s gray set
  14. Umbro soccer cleats
  15. Spalding soccer cleats
  16. White winter coat (for me)
  17. 10 pairs boys socks (Nike, Reebok, Star Wars)
  18. 1 pair Crocs flip flops

    For Ronnie
  1. Under Armour hoodie
  2. 2 Nike shirts
  3. 2 Reebok shirts
  4. 1 Army tee
  5. 1 Harley tee
  6. 2 l/s Under Armour turtlenecks
  7. 2 ON l/s shirts
  8. 1 l/s Nike shirt
  9. 1 pair unworn Easy Spirit shoes (for me)

The rest of it.

  1. Kitchen rugs - 1 runner, 1 small
  2. Star Wars sheets - NIP
  3. Melissa & Doug wooden puzzle
  4. Pampered Chef Mix & Pour pitcher
  5. Tupperware container
  6. Animaniacs VHS tape
  7. School House Rocks VHS tape
  8. Highlights puzzle books x 3
  9. Hot Wheels car wash
  10. Wooden desk organizer
  11. Partylite tarts - 4 Mulberry Vanilla, 6 Lemongrass
  12. 1 Sigg water bottle
  13. 2 Lotions
  14. 1 Castle toy
  15. 1 Giant sword
  16. Cranium building set - it's like a life size Tinkertoy set. 
  17. Boys Huffy bike - not pictured, it's outside.
 I really went overboard this week with yard sales, but I got some really great deals. 
I spent $68.00 today, and that amount also includes this -

A new desk!  Just what I needed for the "new to us" computer Tara gave us.  I'm going to load all the boys school games on it. 

My yard sale posts will be a lot less volume after this weekend.  I'm planning on going to the one at Trinity next Saturday and that's it for next weekend. 

So my total spent for this weekend is $130.00 even.  That's a lot, but I did get some really nice things and big ticket items. 

I'm pretty good at getting a deal, but even I was amazed at the prices I was able to get items for this weekend.  Ronnie's clothes alone were only $5 - most of the shirts were priced at 10 cents and the hoodie was 25 cents.  Crazy! 

I talked them down to $25 for the desk, new shoes and bulletin board, all together.  

A very nice man offered us the boys bike for $5 - after I finished telling Josh that his bike would be OK for one more year.  Now everyone can move up a size on their bikes this summer. 

We chose not to go to FGH/Main St. Fairmont's sale - they were charging $1 to shop there.  I know that probably sounds terribly cheap, but there are too many great sales elsewhere.  Why would I pay?

Hope you ventured out today to take advantage of the great deals.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Lady!!! You rock!!!!!
it's Tara btw, I chose anonymous b/c I didn't know how else to post!