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06 July 2011

10 things.

10 things you might not know about me.

  1. Favorite book:  Hinds Feet in High Places
  2. Favorite movie:  A Christmas Story.
  3. I have colored my hair since it started turning gray when I was 21 (family trait)
  4. I hate unloading the silverware tray in the dishwasher.  I don't know why.
  5. I love Prince.  Always have, probably always will.
  6. I have a knot on the bridge of my nose from where my brother Chris kicked me with his big, white baby shoe when we were younger.
  7. I almost always spell potato wrong.  Thank goodness for spell check. 
  8. Anytime that I ask my mom how the weather or roads are in the winter, she almost always says "atrocious".....and then I giggle.
  9. I still miss my old dog Brady.  Best dog ever.
  10. I love to sing.  I used to sing at weddings and church when I was younger, now I just sing for my family.... and any strangers who have the windows in their cars down too.
Have a great day!

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